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​​​​​​​Part 1. Why You NEED "Surge Protection"

October 1, 2018

Modern technology has progressed to the point where detecting and preventing surges has become an exact science. Many insurance companies now even insist on custom designed home and office surge protection systems.



Contrary to popular belief, direct lightning strikes only account for a small percentage of damage to our electrical and electronic systems. The majority of the damages are caused by inductive coupling and ground potential differences. It is therefore important to pay attention to both the earthing of our installations and the fitting of surge/lightning protection devices especially in Southern Africa.





​​​​​​​Have a look at the images above and you will see that the Southern African electricity is very unstable and cannot meet the needs of consumption thus causing voltage drops and power surges at any given time.


That is why we recommend Installing a MeanWell SPD 20 module in front of the LED power supply unit which provides effective protection for your lighting systems. Using a SPD will save you time and money ensuring that any illuminated sign you install is properly protected.


The thermally protected SPD is a self-protected device which is specially designed to be used in outdoor and commercial LED lighting fixtures.



​​​​​​​# 1 benefit of using a Surge Protection Device:


for example in the event of lightning or an electrical short circuit your LEDs and power supply are not at risk of burning out or getting damaged but if left unprotected this can often result in having to replace the entire sign or lighting system with new LEDs, new power supplies and even new wiring.



​​​​​​​As you can see the graph above, we are keep on a short supply of electricity maybe because of the "G" family, not to mention the cost just continues to escalate higher and higher.


With winter around the corner, we've already experienced that power cut. So why not make a small investment to protect you from the uncertainty of power cuts or surges. It is especially important to consider this factor where installations are hard to access and require having to use a cherry picker or traveling far out of town away from your company. A Surge Protection Device can certainly save you a lot money.


At Part 2 we are going to share how to wire the MeanWell surge protector correctly.


To be continued...










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