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August 25, 2018

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Jay's Corner: Online Vs Offline

August 18, 2018

I recently read a very fascinating book that I want to share with you.


As we all know South Africans are now enjoying online shopping such as and One Day Only.


I have always wondered if our signage industry is declining industry due to the appearance of these online stores and smart phones, for example, the video rental stores and photo development and printing industries.



A book titled ‘REENGINEERING RETAIL’ offers a new proposal for an offline store.

This book is highly recommended for people in the signage industry, especially shop fittings.



Here are some key stories.


-. Future offline stores need to be expanded beyond simply being a place to buy things and take them home, it should instead be a place where people can come and make something. This means that you have to be in a space that allows you to personalize the goods that are actually appropriate or specific to you. We need to get out of the passive way of the past.


-. It is crucial knowledge of the product but to understand what the consumer wants is extremely important.


-. Forty-eight percent of consumers said they know more about the product than the salesperson.


-. This book proposes that retailers do not leave their products on the shelves in the stores instead they present their products as a pop-up store giving customers their knowledge and expertise.


-. A decision maker or leader must question the inner and outer parts of their company and this kind of thinking could be valuable to a company.


-. What is truly certain in this rapidly changing era is that some people will completely change our way of thinking and doing.

Now is the time to decide whether you will be one of the few who will make the change, or will you be the one to accept the change passively.



Anyway my conclusion is

There were signages thousands of years ago, and there will be signages well into the future. The market you are involved in will never die.




Here are some old signages. Don’t you find these pictures interesting?

In 1953, the McDonald brothers opened this McDonald's, their fourth location. It is the oldest, still-operating example of the chain. It features a 60 foot tall Speedee the Chef neon sign which was built in 1959. This was the only sign built with this design.


One of the oldest signage in somewhere in England.




This is old paint shows that there are signages even thousands years ago.







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