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August 25, 2018

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June 8, 2018

“Our container arrived a couple of weeks ago and Exion would like to unveil the list of hot items we have so far received for our clients."



Especially, tools that can be used to fabricate aluminium channel letters.



1. Pneumatic nail guns - Made in Korea


Price: from R2,495 ~

Please have a look at the link below demonstrating how to use the tools in this article to make aluminium channel letters. The above pneumatic nail gun is  demonstrated at around 3'45".



2. Aviation Scissors  - WISS M3R / 255mm - USA brand




Price: R485.00

This Aviation Scissors can cut even stainless steel therefore it goes without saying aluminium.



3. Urethane Hammer - Made in Germany


Price: R195.00

This Urethane Hammer is used for hammering the LED diffusion PC sheet or ACM in place. Urethane material will protect aluminium return and trim.



4. Side Cutter - Made in Germany


Price: R435.00

7 inch length - Large size


This Side Cutter is used to cut the aluminium trim to make a sharp corner like letter "R" or "N" etc. 



5. Flat Forceps  - Made in Korea


Price: R240.00

160mm length - M size


This Flat Forceps is used to bend small size letters.




We also received this very exciting DIY 3D Printer pictured above.


Price : R4,950



This 3D printer nozzle can be replaced with a CNC or Laser tool. 

-. CNC Spindle motor: R1,450

-. LASER Module: R2,250





V3 channel letter machine

Price : R69,950

We received 3 machines and have already sold 2. We have only one left and will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Our next container will arrive sometime in July. 


We now also have our E-Bond brand ACM.

Price for 2mm ACM: from R650 ~

Price for 3mm ACM: from R850 ~






The LED optimized polycarbonate diffusion sheet above comes in a 20 / 30meter roll which means that you won't need to join it. 



Here is good example in the picture below.

Our client is busy installing this today. We will update you once this letter has the LED diffusion sheet on and is completed. 



LC5510M - LG Hausys Frosted Window Vinyl 




Price R3,500

0.26mm/1220 x 50000, 5Y durability, Outdoor or Indoor





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