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January 30, 2018



We are all tempted to buy fake, knock off products which could end up costing you more in the long run.

Last year, while at an exhibition in China, I found a company selling imitation MeanWell PSUs. I had a closer look at their products and noticed that the brand name was Ming Wei Lian Meng. Look at their logo on the photo I took! It is daunting to find how similar it is to the Mean Well's. As Exion has been selling LEDs and PSUs for more than a decade, we can recognise the imitaiton instantly. But some of the signage people might not notice it. Please be aware of the circulation of these fake ones.


First, check the label carefully. 

Second, the fake ones do not have the barcode and serial number on the face. Please be aware that these fake ones even bear the same model names as Mean Well's.





I would like to share a couple of things about Mean Well power supplies. 


#1. self recovery function

Please note that most MeanWell power supplies have a self recovery function. So if you get a call from your client that the LED sign does not light up, please ask your client to switch it off, unplug it and leave it for a day and then switch it on again. Should the problem persist then it might be a faulty unit. 



#2. Wattage Calculation for LED transformers


You need to factor in a 30% margin of the total power when you calculate LED modules or strips. For example:  12V output LPV 150watt transformer is not functioning at 150watts as the rated power but only at 120watts. So if you need to light up 120 LED’s at 1.2watts of our Street Warrior III modules, it will not work. If flickering, it means lack of power. Please change strong power supplier. 


120pcs x 1.2watts = 144watts (excluding 30% margin)


Because the rated power is only 120watts you can connect up to 100LED’s at 1.2watts of out Street Warrior III modules. 


100 x 1.2watts = 120watts (excluding 30% margin)


This is the same principle for all other transformers.  




Some signage people are aware of these changes. Surprisingly, some still are not.




If you want to download the whole specification please click the below link




If you want to know more about the calculations trough 'You Tube' video, please click the link below.




Should you have an ongoing problem with your transformers, please consider changing to MeanWell


And to those already using MeanWell, please keep on using them. 


I am busy preparing an article on temperature issues regarding transformers for the next Jay’s corner. 



So good bye until then.


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