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What is Neon Flex?

Neon has been available for around 110 years – and has since been the most eye-catching sign work to date. The bright colours and the customizability of it made it the ultimate go-to for signage, however, traditional Neon was quite expensive and very hard to assemble, requiring large spaces to complete. We are lucky to live in a ever evolving world and this is where Neon Flex fits in. 

Neon Flex is ultimately made up of 3 parts – the polycarbonate backing, the LED strip and the Neon Flex Tubing. When these 3 elements are combined they offer the traditional neon effect with many benefits over the predecessor. You achieve a far fuller effect as the lighting is evenly distributed throughout the length of the Flex Tubing thanks to LED Strips and their Module Spacing – this essentially eliminates dark spots or full failure that could be caused by Gas Leakages on the traditional neon. Utilising LEDs also extends the life of which your sign will be illuminated, the average LED lasts anywhere between 35 000 to 50 000 hours. 

Then, we have the actual manufacturing – Traditional Tubing requires large amounts of space, and a host of tools to heat and bend the glass tubes often done by hand, although there are some extremely skilled people out there, you will not achieve a flawless finish as you would with Neon Flex. Neon Flex utilises the use of highly advanced CNC Routing to create a groove into your polycarbonate substrate that houses the LED Strip – this means that you can achieve amazing pieces of artwork thanks to CAD. The Neon Flex Tubing thereafter just slots over the LED Strip and clips in to the groove created with the purpose made CNC bit – and there you have it, your own “neon” sign – not forgetting that this all costs a fraction of the price! 

Available Colours







Light Pink


Dark Pink




Light Blue


Dark Blue




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