Laser Welding Machine

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1. High accuracy, can weld small and complex typeface and Logo, high speed, no chromatic aberration and trace after welding, with beautiful appearance, no need processing
2. Aiming at advertising word industry, special king-size Light path, arbitrary rotation for 360,high flexible range
3. Optional CCD monitor, welding result is much clearer.
4. Easy to learn

Max laser power:300W
Laser wave length: 1064nm
Mono-pulse Max power: 90J
Laser welding depth: 0.1- 1.2mm
Pulse width: 0.1- 20ms
Laser welding frequency: 0.5- 40Hz
Laser Spot size adjusting range: 0.2- 2mm
Whole power consumption: ≤7KW
Power need 2: 220V ±10%/50Hz/40A
Standard working table: 800*1000mm load200Kg
Sight positioning: CCD synchronism high definition camera
Laser device vertical travel: ≥200mm
Laser device horizontal direction 200-800mm