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Jatish Maharaj | 5 August 2022

v3 owners

proper machine maintenance

just like the cold affects us, the same happens to your machines in cold weather. As our bodies require some time to warm up before exercise, so do your machines especially the nail gun needs to warm up too, with a heat gun or hair drier before you start shooting. In the winter months the oil in the gun can become very thick and even begin to solidify and cause unnecessary damage.

(*critical maintenance period, May-August in South Africa)

The nail gun needs a fair amount of oil to soften up all the seals, washers and gasket otherwise you may cause damage to the rubber bumper and the O rings inside the gun. Hopefully you still remember that you need to lubricate with a couple of oil drops per week. Insert a few drops into the nail gun from the bottom of the guns handle where the compressed air comes in..) If you do cause any “cold damage” ultimately it will result in a leak and you will lose the power from the piston that drives the nail.

Performance is key- if your machinery is not performing then you will not perform. It is vital to always check and maintain all machinery in order to keep all aspects of your workshop up to date and machinery running at peak condition. Please share this information with who operate V3 machine.

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