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Jatish Maharaj | 5 August 2022

Exion Corp's

Skyliner Led extrusions

Exion Corporation has launched the Skyliner building edge aluminium extrusion, which comes with a polycarbonate diffusion cover and ABS end caps. The product will be on show at the Graphics Print Sign Expo, taking place from 14-16 September at Gallagher Convention Centre.

Available sizes include 40mm (w) x 49mm (h) x 3000mm (l). The 49mm height gives enough space to prevent bright or dark spots from the LEDs. The aluminium channel allows for a neat casing to hold the LEDs and easier installation.

Skyliners can accommodate not only LED modules but also waterproof LED strips, so that clients can have various options of colour changing effects.

Duffield Signs recently completed a signage and building edge illumination project for The Courier Guy at Cosmo City, using amber and blue LED modules, also supplied by Exion. Charles Martens, the owner of Duffield Signs, said, ‘It was a challenge to work on the curved area, but we solved it with the help of my team and the Skyliner.’

Billion Signs in Rustenburg has installed the Skyliner on petrol station pylons. ‘The bright red illuminated line is very visible from the dark highway, and looks stunning,’ said the owner of Billion Signs.

Jay Kim of Exion Corporation said, ‘I strongly believe that signage companies in South Africa can offer far more techniques and designs to their clients with Skyliners. And their clients will be satisfied with the outcome as Skyliners will definitely increase the value of their brand and the buildings themselves.

Entrance to the event is free. For more information about the event and to pre-register online, please visit

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